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LEAP International Montessori School

Preparing today's children to 

LEAP into tomorrow's future.

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LEAP International Montessori School is an educational organization that emphasizes independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, spiritual, and social development. This educational approach provides a supportive learning environment that is designed to help develop creativity, social skills, problem-solving, and time management tools. Our dedicated teachers are here to inspire your children to “LEAP” into tomorrow’s future with confidence and goodwill.

We are proud to say that our school contains a New Mexico FOCUS 5 Star Rating System, and we hope to show that this helps demonstrate our commitment to top quality education. We have also incorporated Peace Studies and local Native American studies to our daily curriculum.

At LEAP Montessori your child will:

  • Be valued, respected, and cared about for who they are

  • Be given a world-class, Authentic Montessori Education that will give them the knowledge and skills they need to pursue the life of their dreams and contribute to the world they live in

  • Learn about peace studies and compassion for others

  • Learn about and interact with New Mexico’s Native Pueblo Cultures

  • Physically explore the arts of Yoga

  • Interact with and care for plants and animals





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What is Montessori?

Montessori education is a child-centered approach that fosters independence, creativity, and a love for learning through hands-on, self-directed activities in a carefully prepared environment. It emphasizes personalized learning, allowing children to progress at their own pace while developing social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

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